YMCA of Kanawha Valley

Membership Rates

Effective July 1, 2018

In March 2018, the YMCA Board of Directors voted to increase membership rates for the first time in four years.  These new rates help offset the increase in labor costs from the State’s minimum wage legislation and the Country’s Affordable Health Care legislation.  The YMCA currently has over 200 employees.

HOUSEHOLD MEMBERSHIPS Monthly Draft Joiner’s Fee Prepaid Annual Rate

(joiner’s fee waived)

Two Adults & Children* $71 $75 $809
Single Parent & Children* $56 $50 $639
Senior Family $52 $75 $593
Adult (19 & over) $50 $50 $570
Senior Adult (60 & over) $43 $50 $490
College Student $34 $25 $388
Youth (18 & under) $28 $25 $319

*  this would include dependent full-time college students under the age of 24 

These rates are applicable at all YMCA of Kanawha Valley locations:

  • Charleston (Hillcrest Drive)
  • Downtown Charleston YMCA
  • Montgomery, WV
  • Coonskin Park & Pioneer Park

Nationwide reciprocity permits YMCA of Kanawha Valley members to use all 2,000 YMCA locations across the country at no additional charge.  Always remember to travel with your YMCA membership card.  If any YMCA should ever charge you for using their facility, bring your receipt to the Member Service Desk in Charleston for a reimbursement.

Questions send to INFO@YMCAofKV.org