Downtown Charleston YMCA to Discontinue Operations

Download Downtown Charleston YMCA Statement

Charleston, W.Va. | The YMCA of Kanawha Valley’s location on Quarrier Street (known as the Downtown Charleston YMCA) is scheduled to discontinue operations on October 4th. The last day for swimming instruction is October 25. The classes, instructional sessions, and equipment at the Annex will relocate to the YMCA’s main facility on Hillcrest Drive. Although the Downtown location presented opportunities for the YMCA, the facility was unable to sustain consistent use from YMCA membership. The closure will not affect the YMCA’s continued commitment to downtown and the greater Charleston area. The YMCA continues to explore programming opportunities that fit the YMCA’s mission.

The YMCA continues operating and supporting in partnership with City of Charleston, Kanawha County,  Coonskin Park’s swimming pool, Edgewood Drive tennis courts, the Public Courts Tennis Tournament in July, the City Swim Meet in July, and the University of Charleston natatorium.

Information about the YMCA’s 3 locations in Charleston Cross Lanes, and Montgomery and its vast array of programs can be found at