Childcare at Kanawha Valley’s YMCA is much more than just childcare. Enrolling your child in the Y’s childcare program is an investment in their future. Entrusting someone else to look after your child is no small decision, but when you enroll your child into one of our childcare programs, you can feel confident knowing your child is developing new skills that will serve them a lifetime.

Early Learning Childcare Offered At The Cross Lanes YMCA Child Development Center

In our early learning program, children 6 weeks up to 4 years old will work on basic life skills that are important for early development.

Our babies are cared for in our infant room by friendly, enthusiastic, and responsive caregivers with smiles and frequent eye contact that will help them learn to trust others while away from their families. We also begin to introduce them to basic sign language skills and make sure to meet each child’s individual needs.

In our waddlers and toddlers, 1 and 2-year-olds will begin to work on motor skills, language development, shapes, colors, letters, and social skills. Children will be encouraged to communicate more to express their needs and feelings.

Our 3 and 4-year-olds (preschool students) will work on developing a sense of independence, learning to make choices for themselves, cooperating with others, listening, and following directions. The children are encouraged to make friends, share and communicate with their classmates. The children are also encouraged to use the restroom independently, although assistance is given if necessary.

KCS Pre-K Offered At The Cross Lanes YMCA Child Development Center

In our KCS Pre-K classrooms, the focus is on the domains set forth by the ELSFS, which are: Social and Emotional, the Arts, Physical Health and Development, Language and Literacy, Mathematics, and Science. Our KCA Pre-K program provides many activities that build important foundations for socializing with other children, as well as developing the necessary skills for kindergarten.

After-School Programs Offered At The Cross Lanes YMCA Child Development Center

In our after-school programs, children will be transported to the Y, where they will participate in a variety og activities. The counselors will lead study time and enrichment activities, including group games, experiments, arts, crafts, and more! Through these activities, the YMCA focuses on your child’s social-emotional growth. Friendships are made, and children are stronger communicators and critical thinkers. Healthy snacks are provided to all students.

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Childcare at the YMCA helps your children develop the tools they need at each stage of life. Through our programs, children learn critical developmental and social skills that will help them succeed.

Your children are in a fluid state in their life—they’re growing up fast and developing every day. Help them early on by investing in health, wellness, and developmental mindfulness.

Founded in 1906, The YMCA of Kanawha Valley exists to provide a place for residents to build healthy spirits, minds, and bodies. For more information or to inquire about our various services and programs, please contact [email protected] or call 304.340.3527.