Workout of the Day 3/27/19

You just need a set of dumbbells (and to be able to count 😀; you can also time yourself and try to beat your own time each week)

You may break up reps as needed, but cannot move on to following exercise until all reps are completed of each listed movement!

X100 Reps Goblet Squat

X90 Reps Jumping Jacks (bw)

X80 Reps Bent-Over DB Row

X70 Reps Single Leg Glute Bridge/per leg (bw)

X60 Reps DB Overhead Push-Press

X50 Reps Walking DB Lunges/per leg

X40 Reps Dumbbell Floor Press (chest press)

X30 Reps Sit-Ups (bw)

X20 Reps DB Hammer Curl

X10 Reps Push-Up (any variation) (bw)